VG's Grocery Store Makeover
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VGS Logo Redesign

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Creative Brief for VG’s Grocery
Store Rebranding Campaign

A franchise of Spartan Stores Client: Spartan Stores, Inc. Grand Rapids, MI

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to redevelop the VG’s Grocery stores identity, advertising and in-store promotional materials. Their current logo is difficult to read from a distance and doesn’t communicate with potential buyers that it’s a grocery store chain. We want to create a streamlined, contemporary logo. VG’s store interiors are higher-end, streamlined and contemporary but their brand identity is not.

Current Audience: There are people from all walks of life who shop at VG’s Stores. Customers want to get in and get out, finding the things they need without hassle. Signage helps enable this.

Tone/Personality: There are several logos to be included with the identity roll-out. VG’s Veggies will be the kids nutrition and education program, encouraging schools to come tour our stores. For the new store logo and a character mark, we want to remind customers that they are getting top quality with our new tagline: “Above and Beyond Fresh.” Produce Shelf talkers and ads will include the program title: “Fresh Market Select” and will be accompanied by the Spartan Michigan’s Best identity for Michigan-made products. Our message for price-point shoppers is now: “When it come to prices, VG’s stands for “Very Good.”

Positioning: The stores are popular but not as well known as other chains, like Kroger, who are national. We also intend to advertise in local publications, magazines and newspapers, local radio and TV. Desired Success: VG’s will remain popular and even become mainstream, with the new identity.